TRUSTY is the world record holder of making Largest & Smallest Lock in the world.  
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Machinemade Lock
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Type : Machinemade Lock

  • 6 Brass plated tumbler locking mechanism.
  • Rust-proof long lasting components.
  • Fits unobtrusively.
  • Double action brass lever.
  • Solid brass bolt with brass key.

Models Available

  1. Currently available in single brass model.

Type : Machinemade Lock
  • Anti Rust Coated (CROM Plated) Shacle in one pc.
  • CircleVery tuff and strong
  • Extended body armour - minimize shakle exposure
  • Fully crome weather tuff case
  • Inner mechanism are rustproof
  • Suitable for aldrops, grills, shutters, export containe

Sizes Available

  • 70 mm
  • 80 mm
  • 90 mm
  • 100 mm
Type : Machinemade Pad Lock
  • Precision 6/7 brass ever locking mechanism
  • Temper proof rivetless joint.
  • Rust resistant components ensure smoth operation.
  • Full Brass body.
  • Mixed composition of half brass body.

Models Available

  1. Models in 50 & 65 mm sizes.
Pinak Cylinder
Type : Machinemade Lock
Pinak CylinderSpecifications
  • Introduced for the 1st time in India.
  • Multi row pin cylinder technology makes it unpickable.
  • Over 1 million key combinations.
  • Reversible Nickel plated cylindrical keys for smooth operatiions - also resists bending & rust proof.
  • Steel body with scratch resistant powder coated finish.
  • Best for whom who dont want to carry big keys.
  • Fits unobtrusively. 

Models Available

  1. Single model available.