TRUSTY is the world record holder of making Largest & Smallest Lock in the world.  
Handmade Locks _____________________________

Born out of a century of innovative engineering only. TRUSTY Lock offers handmade locks - used in high security zones as they are much more sturdy and are virtually impossible to unlock with a duplicate key. As a matter of fact, thier keys cannot be duplicated. In its fourth generation the present proprietor J.P. Singh feels that the manufacturing of totally hand made locks is a work of exclusive art. Avoiding automation he inherits and enhances this art guiding his son V.P.Singh to retain this traditional Art of making locks manually.

Any design or specification can be carried out while making any of our locks.

Handmade lock is costly possesion but gives ultimate security, AND SECURITY KNOWS NO VALUE.

Rest of the world has turned to machines where as India still lives with this traditional art under the banner of TRUSTY who proudly say "Abhayam Sarva Bhutebhyo".


  • Extra heavy duty brass body &mechanism for years trouble free service.
  • Covered in thick steelplates & adds extra strength & vitality. 
  • Stainless steel keys.
  • Double bolts lock Shakle's both ends.
  • Reinforced joint on threads & screws.
  • Fully enclosed lever mechanism.
  • Perfect combination of confirment & custody.
  • Robust , Elegant & Economical.