TRUSTY is the world record holder of making Largest & Smallest Lock in the world.  
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Lord gets a Trusty
Kolkata, July 5: When the Lord’s temple needs a lock, Hismen turn to Trusty. The 100-year-old company that in 1961 made the world’s biggest padlock (weighing 80 kg) for one of the pavilion gates at the World Trade Fair in Delhi has now built a 50-kg lock for a one-tonne iron gate at Jagannath Temple of Puri.

Owner J.P. Singh says they were thrilled to get the order. ‘‘As a Vaishnav family, we felt it was the Lord’s wish and I told the temple representatives we’ll not charge them anything.’’

It took Trusty three months and Rs 30,000 to complete the task. The lock has three, 14.5-inch keys made of brass and gunmetal. (Santanu Banerjee) - Indian Express


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