TRUSTY is the world record holder of making Largest & Smallest Lock in the world.  

In the year 1885 a young man from Varanasi came to Calcutta where his son Amirchand established a locks industry. In 1902 when Lord Curzon ruled India AmirChand established his shop and supplied locks throughout India and Burma.

The celestial heights of his shop along with locks industry was achieved by his worthy son Durga Prasad Singh and the name Amirchand Durga Prasad Singh and his trademark became a milestone in the eastern region of India.

  Born out of a century of innovative engineering only. TRUSTY Lock offers handmade locks - used in high security zones as they are much more sturdy and are virtually impossible to unlock with a duplicate key. As a matter of fact, thier keys cannot be duplicated.
  • Complying by Quality Management System for continual improvements
  • Using quality Input through and efficient purchasing.
  • Providing the earliest response to their customer’s requirement.
  • Effective cost management at every level.
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